Should We Take DHA Supplements to Boost Brain Function?


Top Omega 3 Supplements For Men and Women Over 40

te a few different reasons behind this like hormones, food supplements and even stress from our jobs as well as life events or our own shortcomings that cause our natural cycles to have trouble keeping up with our needs.

Our body is made up of two different hormones, the androgens and estrogen and while our body maintains balance between these it does it by balancing the production of these hormones. However, if we take a supplement like fish oil that alters the ratio of androgens and estrogens in our body it disrupts this balance. In fact, taking a supplement can actually further weaken our body’s balance and cause an increase in the amount of estrogen.

The reason we get hormonal imbalance is because our body is trying to compensate for the decline in our testosterone as well as try to maintain the levels of our estrogen to maintain normal hormone balance. So that we have a balanced range of hormones, but since we are taking a fish oil supplement, the estrogen level increases, causing us to feel very ill and possibly even irritable.

On top of that, when we take fish oil, our body is now producing two types of androgens instead of the normal one. This causes even more problems because now we have an increased level of androgens which cause further damage to our testosterone levels.Omega 3 Supplements

With this imbalance of hormones, all these different food supplements may not be able to fully compensate for it and they cause side effects in the form of allergenic reactions or an increased level of estrogen. But we can prevent all of these side effects by simply choosing to not take a fish oil supplement. This is because we are already balanced, we don’t need any additional supplements, just a healthy diet and exercise. The fish oil supplement would cause further hormonal imbalance and make us more susceptible to allergies or the estrogen. And it goes without saying that we should always consult a doctor before taking any type of supplement like this.

Omega 3 Supplements

This is actually where most of these omega 3 supplements fall short. They are created with oils of fish, but because we are already balanced, we don’t need to take any fish oil supplements. We also don’t need to take supplements that contain flax seed oil, as there is no need to balance this as well. In fact, flax seed oil actually makes us more sensitive to omega 3 supplements since it increases the level of cortisol in our body. When cortisol is naturally balanced, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. When the levels of this naturally increases, we have a tendency to have allergic reactions to omega 3 supplements.

Therefore, as you can see, omega 3 supplements are the wrong choice for all to take. They are a temporary solution that can cause damage to your body. It is better to take a healthy diet and a combination of a diet rich in antioxidant foods and exercise. This will ensure you stay healthy and balanced as well as avoid future allergies or hormonal issues.

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