Nutrition Science Vs the Trends – Keto Diets Episode 1

8 Best Tips for Praying and Driving to Lose Pounds Fast
Great Keto tips and plans for the beginner.

First, a reminder that the body is a mechanical and not a chemical machine. The body operates as if it were in a car, and the gears are the hormones and the digestive system. The first few days of changing your diet are called the “gas-and-pray” period. During this time you might be able to skip a day each week if you are doing great on your previous ones. After you’ve done well on the “gas-and-pray” period, you should be ready to tackle the “pray-and-drive” period. This is where you really must stick with your diet, but you can do “sensible” things, like skipping a meal or two, and “crazy” things, like skipping a full day and so forth.

During the “gas and pray” period it will help you in the long run if you have a simple plan which you can follow and get a lot done in the beginning. This will ensure that you will get good results, since there really are lots of temptations on the road ahead.

The most effective way to ensure success is to do the following:

1) Don’t skip any meals. If you have a big meal, don’t skip the next one. Eat everything on the plate. If you have a little meal, eat everything in bite-sized portions. The “pray-and-drive” period isn’t the best time to take a break from eating, as it will affect your hormone levels, which will affect your progress.

2) Do not skip breakfast. Your body needs energy for the “pray-and-drive” period, so make sure you have the food in front of you and it is nutritious. Take a break here, so you don’t run into problems later on.
4) Drink plenty of water. It will help you digest your food, and it will keep your body clean. Take plenty of sleep. These four tips will help you get on the right road.
3) Remember to eat fish, especially the omega 3 variety. It will help you stay hydrated which will help your body absorb the nutrients and keep your energy up.
8) Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and other dark green vegetables. They are high in vitamin C and antioxidants and they have fiber to help you digest your food. Eat dark green vegetables, avocado and nuts. These are your best bet if you want to succeed (as long as you stay away from the chocolate and fruit).

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