How I’m Losing Weight | Grocery Haul from Walmart

For the record, it took me over 3 weeks to start noticing the differences on my body. I was working full time and just as busy as always. I had 3 meals a day, no snacks or sweets, lots of veggies, no processed food. I wasn’t drinking any soda or coffee because I figured, after all the efforts to shed weight, this is what I should start with. Also, it’s the holiday season, and everyone is eating (that I know of) around the Christmas table and the New Years Eve parties. And, I was having a hard time seeing any change on my face for the three weeks I was doing the diet.

During that time, I had some good meals with some veggies. I’m talking meat, veggies, and rice. That was all it was. Not much, but it was something. Also, not many side dishes and I was drinking no non-diet beverages, either. Those two facts combined with the holidays are usually a time where I drink more non-diet soda than diet, and if I do drink, it’s not a diet coke, but almost every non-diet soda. So, I was having trouble seeing the difference. One Sunday, I decided to start drinking my non-diet soda, Diet Dr. Pepper. And, guess what? After the first week, I could see the difference, so, why not? The following week, I had started noticing my lip and chin lines disappearing and even feeling the definition increase on my jawline. On week three, I could see my nose and cheeks getting sharper and the lines of my eyes were getting thinner, too. Wow! It was like I had some new baby fat that was melting. This diet did not feel heavy to me at all and it was not uncomfortable. I was actually enjoying the diet, not dreading it.

Week four was the best for me. By week five, my wife even commented on my skin tone improvement, which is something that I would never have thought possible without this diet.

There are other benefits to this diet besides the weight loss. It provides energy and focus. Also, the elimination of sugar and processed foods with high fructose corn syrup are good for health, especially in the winter. Also, it is a great diet for a lot of the stuff that can go wrong with diets – excess cravings and hunger. Even food that is suppose to be good for you can go wrong with a diet. This diet does not have that problem and the diet plans are very easy to follow. I had decided to only eat organic fruits and vegetables and I was able to follow the diet without being deprived of anything.

With the diet plan I was able to lose 45 pounds within a few weeks – that is remarkable. The good news is that after you start, you are likely to maintain the weight loss, which is not always the case with other diets. The diet was good for my health, and my husband noticed the improvement on our body as well. That was the best part of the whole experience. Having someone to talk to about my weight loss did wonders for my motivation to continue the diet. We were able to laugh about my progress and I was able to look for reasons to keep going. In addition, by following the diet and not going into a state of starvation mode like a lot of other diets, I was able to build muscle mass, which is good for health, especially after a pregnancy.

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