100 Days of Water Fasting for weight loss and improved health / My Personal Journey


Fasting – Your Best Defense Against Carpal Tunnel

The most obvious reason is the fact that it prevents your body from getting used to a constant intake of food. Generally your body will adjust itself to a reduced food intake if you fast for less than six hours, so fasting only for about five to six days can result in permanent weight loss.

Another reason is the fact that fasting helps your body to remove the toxins and waste products from your body that accumulate due to improper food intake. Such toxins may block various organs in your body from properly working properly.

Fasting can also increase your body’s hydration level. Lack of water can cause tiredness and fatigue. This is exactly what you don’t want during an overweight condition. So, by not consuming any water for the first few days, your body gets to use the extra water, thus conserving all the energy it can. This is the reason why an occasional fast can make you feel quite fine.fasting

Finally, fasting helps to cleanse your body of harmful elements. The lack of food, the intake of toxins, the use of water, and the cleansing of harmful elements from your body are the factors that cause an overweight condition. If you fast for several days, the toxins and waste products are removed.


Your Body Gets Used To the Fast


If you have ever been a fasting beginner, you know that it is difficult to get used to. Generally it is like, “Oh no I didn’t fast for seven days!” If you do the same as the previous example, however, it will gradually get easier to do. You should drink some water for the first days of fasting and not starve yourself. This will cause you to think you are fasting and it may actually get harder to stop.

Fasting Also Prevents You From Getting Used to It

The fact is, fasting on its own is rather difficult to get used to, so it helps to mix it with some type of exercise. If you do some type of aerobic exercise, for example, for thirty minutes, three or four times a week, it becomes easier to do. This is the best way to help your body get used to the fast.

Now that you are aware of the most effective fasting methods, it is up to you to find out which one will suit you the most. If you feel that the ones given here are not helpful, you may try some other one. All you have to do is to try them out for a while and then to keep them under review. Remember that any fasting method must be with your family doctor so that you will be monitored closely during your fast. If you are fasting regularly, you will be advised to eat a little food around your children and family members.

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